Friday, December 18, 2009

finished painting!

So I finished my latest painting, which was a commission of a warrior wearing the armor of God. The result is above. Overall I'm pretty pleased with it, although there are some things I would change, like the glow on the sword and the eyes, but it was a commission and the guy I painted it for wanted them in. And I also would have given more consistency and accuracy with the armor fitting with the sword, which they don't. Before I started on this painting I was looking at one of my old school chums awesome paintings and figuring out how I'm going to paint his armor and show light reflecting off of it, but not too much. I was looking at Chris Rahn's awesome work, which you can see at and tried to mimic what he was doing with hardly any success. I was able to get some good advice from him before starting though, which I was grateful for. Anyway, here it is, my latest finished painting since May!