Saturday, February 6, 2010

All the King's Men

So, here's my next pet project!! I think it's one of my most ambitious yet and really brings me out of my comfort zone in terms of complexity and concept. I decided to do a painting on Humpty Dumpty and he's sitting on a wall, of dead bodies. Did I mention the wall of dead bodies is all the King's men that didn't put him back together again? Did I also mention he's a badass crusader with a scar over his missing right eye? Like I did with pinnochio, I want to do a familiar character but with a different twist on the tale. With inspiration from one of my old teachers, Kazu Sano, I decided to also sculpt out a piece for accurate reference on lighting on the character. So here's a sketch of my piece, and a picture of the sculpt I'm still working on. Of course this will eventually turn into a painting. Sketch still needs work and I'll post up more stuff as it comes along. Hopefully this will turn out well and be a big hit!