Wednesday, May 28, 2008

An Elephant off my shoulders!

So, Graduation has come and gone and I can now focus all my time on getting work! This past year has been very difficult balancing time between freelance work and school, and doing my own personal paintings. I am happy with what I have accomplished though. I don't like to boast but having 2 art shows in lounges, one in october and the second in may, makes me feel accomplished. Having doing freelance at top ad agency Goodby, Silverstein & partners was a great experience! Illustrating 6 cards for fantasy flight games puts my foot in the door. Getting work with a graphic designer and illustrating marketing and label designs for Corte Clean, Avery and Solovue broadens my style. I got a small storyboard job with an indy director within the past 3 weeks! All this while going to school in the past year and getting ready for graduation, man I'm tired! The spring show at my school was fantastic, and being able to display my work with all my talented peers was an honor. I've included a work in progress picture of a personal painting I'm working on for my portfolio. The sketch I posted below, and it's gone a long way from that.

Monday, May 5, 2008

passing of a legend

My most recent memory of Barbara Bradley is when I heard of her retirement and I went to tell her I will miss her teaching full time at the Academy of Arts. She looked up at me with her pleasant smile and reassured me that she will be back for small workshop sessions and talks. That made me feel better to know that she will still pass on her immense knowledge to other students. I took her class once, and then was a teacher's assistant to her for a couple more semesters. She gave me a gift for helping me out, even though I thought she owed me nothing because I learned so much. I felt like I couldn't take her class enough because every time I learned something new. She passed away on Friday, May 2nd from a car accident. I will sorely miss her and will take her lessons to heart. We love you Barbara!