Tuesday, November 17, 2009

New painting!

It's been a while since I posted anything on here, yes I know that everyone's been waiting in eager anticipation for a new one, haven't ya? I recently had a show up at a coffee shop in Redlands called Augies, with great coffee by the way, and it was pretty successful. Well it was as successful as I could hope for. I was able to sell 3, and the night that I was hanging I sold one! Talk about a great start right? It was the painting titled "The Struggle Within", and the guy who bought it is commissioning me to do another one. The painting I'm working on for him is called "Full armor of God" and it depicts a warrior in between the realms of heaven and hell wearing the Armor of god. The armor is a little too Roman for my taste, but it's what he wants so I'm going with it. Oh and also, a little more news, there's actually someone out there who thinks I'm interesting enough to write about! Hard to believe, yeah? I'm meeting up with Kylie DeForge, a local blogger and aspiring Journalist for the New Yorker, and we're gonna have a sit down and talk about whatever and let her pick my brain. You can check out her cultural musings at her blog, http://kyliedeforge.blogspot.com/.
Hopefully I'll update again soon with a color comp.

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