Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Journal Entry January 4, 2012

This is a new sketch for the day. Since I did animals yesterday I thought I would do another one today but interacting with a person. Falconry seems like such a fun sport. Since doing these journal entries it seems to me that making a goal to do one of these a day is getting easier, and it is something that I want to do. One of my friends is a career coach and I listened into her tele-seminar today, where she was talking about setting goals and getting to the career you want. I feel that this is a good step to get in the habit of making small goals and accomplishing them, even if it is in a day. I have more long term goals, I just have to now make a game plan to accomplish those goals. I guess when I'm doing these my plan is to warm up with small drawings, read, relax, research and then delve into the page and sketch. I'm gonna have to approach those small steps first to build up to one of my long term goals. Thanks for reading.

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